How to Make an Appealing Restaurant Take-Out Webpage

It’s likely that you’ve heard of the COVID-19 pandemic, right? If your website isn’t showing the best side of your restaurant, it’s likely to turn potential orders to someone else. Having an effective take-out webpage and overall eye-catching website is vital to a restaurant’s survival right now. We’ve got some quick tips on how to make your take-out webpage more appealing.

First-Impressions Are More Important

First things first: who are your customers? Are the majority of them out-of-towners, or do you have lots of regulars?

If a lot of your customers are first-timers, then they’re likely comparing your website to other restaurants in the area, so it’s vital to really grab their attention with your take-out menu and homepage. Showcase what makes you different, and place your best-rated and best-looking dishes at the forefront. Consider putting these best dishes on your homepage to really hook them in. Display your specialties on your homepage.

If you have a lot of regulars, they’re probably just looking for the fastest way to get a copy of your menu! Make it easy for your regulars (and newbies) to get to your menu, and have your phone number and hours on full display. Have multiple links to your menu, or one really clear button that screams, “This takes you to the menu right now!”

If you can help it, don’t have just a JPEG or PDF picture of your menu, either. Customers prefer interactive menus that don’t require zooming in on a picture or squinting to see what you’ve got to offer. Sites that have modern amenities like interactive menus can really make a good first-impression, and let them know you’ve entered the modern age of dining.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

When a customer visits your website, their only sense is their sight. You need to let your images and website do the talking, because they can’t smell/taste your food through their phone or computer.

While it’s certainly cheaper to take a quick picture of your menu items with your cell phone, consider hiring a professional photographer, instead. Now more than ever, customers are relying on pictures of your menu items so they can get an idea of what they’re actually ordering.

The coronavirus pandemic has skyrocketed take-out and delivery sales, so it’s competitive out there right now. Make sure your customers see the best side of your food, and if you can, splurge a little on the pictures of your menu items because it can really make a difference.

A survey from Constant Contact in 2013, with nearly 1,500 participants, showed that:

  • 81% of people looked at a restaurant on a mobile device
  • 92% have looked for a place to eat online in the last six months
  • 75% picked a restaurant based on search results
  • 84% looked at more than one place before making a final decision.

Given this information, it’s clear that first impressions, how your menu looks, and how you’re displaying your menu are vital to whether you can get those visitors to order from you.

Your site needs to rank well on organic search results, and capitalize on the fact that customers are shopping with their eyes.

Consumer Friendly and Usability

Even if you have the right look for your site, it needs to be user friendly as well. When you’re designing a webpage for your take-out menu, it’s got to work well!

Your online visitors should have no issue navigating to your menu, your business hours and phone number should be clear and upfront, and if you have an online ordering system, it should be simple enough so anyone can use it.

However, this can be hard to nail-down if you’re not a web developer. Creating a user-friendly website from scratch isn’t something anyone can just do. That’s why you should work with us at the Ornery Lion. We understand that many restaurants need to optimize their online websites, but it isn’t always easy, so we want to help. Let us create your restaurant a website that lets your customers order with ease. Start the conversation by filling out our free contact form for more information.

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